Mountaineering, rock climbing and caving are all popular in this part of Spain with a wealth of challenges and some of the best areas in Europe outside the Alps.

The most popular and spectacular mountain range for climbers is the Sierra Nevada. Its peak, Mulhacén is the highest peak in the Iberian peninsular. (3.482m).

There are several mountaineering clubs and some challenging rock faces, particularly around the area of El Chorro, near Alora (about an hour and a half from Cortijo las Rosas).  Sierra de las Nieves, between Ronda and Malaga or Sierra Almijara are also popular with climbers.  Another suggested area for climbing is the Subbética Cordobés (we are on the edge of the Subbetica).

Information about mountaineering clubs may be obtained from the Spanish Mountaineering Federation, (Federación Español de Montanísmo) Calle Alberto Aguilar, 3-4 iz, Madrid 28015. This society will also provide maps for mountain areas.  Information can be obtained more locally from the Federacion Andaluza de Montañismo, in Malaga, at Ant. Raiz 10 (Tel: 952 39 90 04952 39 90 04).

It is obviously important to employ a qualified and experienced guide when climbing in an unfamiliar area, available through climbing schools and clubs. Also note that Spain does not have a sophisticated mountain rescue service, such as you find in Alpine countries and if you get into trouble you will need to rely on your own resources and those of your companions.