Markets (mercados) are a common sight in towns and villages throughout Andalucía, and are an essential part of Spanish life, largely unaffected by competition from supermarkets and hypermarkets.  They are colourful, noisy and entertaining and an experience not to be missed, whether you plan to buy anything or not. Markets thrive throughout the province and are the centre of life in towns and villages.    Most markets run from about 10.00 to 14.00 (generally starting a bit earlier during the hot summer months).

Most locally there is a small market in Fuentes de Cesna which is our nearest village.  This is on a Friday morning and there is a good fruit and vegetable stand and some other clothes and shoe stores.  There is usually also a hardware store.

The other two nearest markets are at Iznajar which is held is on a Tuesday and Algarinejo which is held on a Saturday.

The nearest large markets are at Rute on a Saturday morning (about 25 minutes away by car), Even larger, there are around 100 stands at Lucena on a Wednesday morning (about 50 minutes away by car) and Antequera on a Tuesday morning (once again about 50 minutes away from Cortijo las Rosas by car).  A variety of goods are commonly sold in markets, including food, flowers, plants, clothes, shoes, ironmongery, crockery, hardware, linen, ceramics, cassettes, carpets, and leather goods.

Antequera also has a municipal food market which is under cover and opens in the mornings.  Stalls are usually grouped together more or less according to the types of food – meat, fish, delicatessens and grocers with cheeses, hams, olives etc, and fruit and vegetables.  All the produce on offer is  fresh, seasonal and local.