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my two stalwart cycling chums and I set out on a large lake loop ride last Saturday. The maximum distance we have ridden in one go to date has been 40kms so Saturday’s jaunt of 60kms was quite a step up for us. We completed the loop at an average speed of 13kms per hour. Both distance and speed sound pathetic….I often rode much further and faster in the UK but the terrain hereabouts is extremely testing so I’m happy with our first attempt at a longer distance.
I brought a bike from the UK which I used for commuting from N London to and from my office in Knightsbridge which was perfect for that job. However, the gear ratios were for too high for the Spanish hills so I bought a larger cassette on line and fitted it yesterday. First time I’ve done any ‘major’ work on a bike for many moons but having invested in a bike toolkit this simplified the process enormously. I used the bike to ride to the local village to buy bread today (would have been impossible with previous ratios) and all’s working well.
We have a couple of young chaps staying with us for a week or so who have expressed an interest in “a bike ride as long as it’s flat”. So, I’ll take them to ride the Via Verdi (a former railway track) on Sunday….the flattest track in the area